Member Secretary's Message

On behalf of the of Governing Body, I take great pleasure in welcoming all new and returning staff and students for the this academic year. Each new Academic year brings excitement, anxiety, joy and anticipation for the many great opportunities we will all be presented with as an institution, being the only one of its kind in the Baliapal College of Physical Education (BCPE).

I am so proud, yet humbled, by the fact that I am be a part of such an amazing college community. It is an honour to serve as head of this noble institution; one that is intent on producing creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who will make an impact on our region and the world.

The entire college staff is working assiduously to meet the needs and demands of our students - because they are at the heart of what we do. There will be many opportunities for involvement, growth and learning across the academic year. My goal is that everyone who enters our doors will feel welcomed, loved, appreciated and safe. I want them to know that the college’s administration is here for them.

We are mindful of our responsibility to provide a truly best education for our students; a responsibility we cannot carry out without help. So I am confident that all students, parents, and sponsors will appreciate the need to meet their financial obligations, as the smooth running of the institution is contingent upon fees being paid on time. We want our students to understand they have rights and obligations; obligations that include being responsible, independent learners, who demonstrate good sportsmanship and team spirit as we celebrate our successes. Our curricula, which speaks to academic excellence, are supported by a rich co-curricular programme and so I implore all students to make the best use of the opportunities available.

Finally, as we embark on the task of transforming the BCPE into one of the premier sporting institutions in the State, we are pushing for our most valuable asset, our human resources, to be fully equipped to embrace our new vision. Let us work together to achieve this goal!

I wish for you all, every success and every blessing.